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Diehard Aaliyah fans had so many questions and concerns after a new song called “Enough

Said” leaked to the web featuring previously unreleased vocals from the late singer, a new

verse from Drake and a beat from Noah “40″ Shebib.

Was this part of the rumored album of unreleased Aaliyah songs? Was the album sanctioned

by Aaliyah’s family? Who put out this song?

But the loudest cries came from Aaliyah traditionalists who felt that, 11-years after her tragic

death in a plane crash, the first posthumous tracks should include Aaliyah’s close friends and

collaborators Timbaland and Missy. Timbaland felt that way, too.

When we posted “Enough Said”, it seems like mystery somehow fueled a backlash against Drake,

as if he was somehow co-opting Aaliyah’s legacy, and boxing out her friends.
Today a source familiar with the upcoming Aaliyah project tells us a different story…

Read details after the jump…

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 Aaliyah “Enough Said” feat. Drake : LISTEN/DOWNLOAD

According to our source, “Enough Said” was released by Aaliyah’s own label,

Blackground Records, which is run by her uncle Barry Hankerson. The song wasn’t

leaked by Drake.
As for how involved Drake is, I’m hearing he’s only on one song right now. But that

Noah “40″ Shebib is producing a majority of the tracks. I’m actually looking forward

to what 40 does with these unreleased vocals. His sound seems like a good match.

But for all the fans who cant imagine a Aaliyah project without the input of Timbaland

and Missy Elliott…great news! I’m hearing that Tim is getting involved. So far I’m

hearing he’s producing 2 songs. Hopefully there will be more and Missy will be in there

too! Timbaland recent told me that he and Missy are already done recording their joint album.

Now do you feel better about the upcoming Aaliyah project? I can’t wait to hear more.



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