Fresh off his album release Nas hit up the Ed Show to speak his longevity in the game, his music, his new album “Life Is Good” and more.

Nas Explains How He Went From ‘Life’s a Bitch’ To ‘Life Is Good’

The rapper who once proclaimed that “Hip Hop Is Dead,” answers if he still feels the same way.

Nas says he actually thinks it is quite alive, telling host, Michael Eric Dyson:

“The spirit of it is alive. I tried to put the spirit into my music to give it that thing that I felt as a fan of it. There’s a couple of great artists out there who are doing the same thing. I think right now it’s on the respirator.”

Nas Interview With Cosmic Kev

Nas also touched on airing out his feelings of his divorce on the album and why he felt it was necessary.

Check that out and more in the video above!