Cash Money Teams Up With Dance Producer and Songwriter RedOne; Signs Two New Acts

It came as no surprise when Lil Wayne revealed to DJ Drama that he was putting rap on the back burner while he pursued his new love – skateboarding.

Over the past year, it seemed like Lil Wayne’s rap career had been dying a slow death. And now with Lil Wayne’s admission, it’s safe to say that he’s been adding to the demise of his hip-hop life span himself.

Despite its exceptional sales, Lil Wayne’s lackluster rhymes and creative funk on Tha Carter IV was a smoke signal that there was something up with Weezy.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a second.

Do you remember when anything Lil Wayne touched was a hit? Or every mixtape he dropped virtually could have been an album?

Or what about the time in music history when an artist could feature Lil Wayne on a remix and it became instant gold?

Well, guess what?

That time no longer exists.

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Maybe he’s just plain sick of rap or bored with the politics in hip-hop, whatever the case may be, Lil Wayne being the “best rapper alive” is looking more like a has-been tale of triumph.

With tracks like “Goulish” floating on around on the ‘net, Lil Wayne just doesn’t have it no more and I don’t think he cares to have it anymore.

It will be interesting to see if Lil Wayne actually delivers the promised I Am Not A Human Being II before officially taking a break from the game, but quite frankly, I don’t know if I even want to hear that album because his first I Am Not A Human Being was a complete fail.

Pulling a Jordan and switching career paths could work out quite nicely for Wayne, but I have a funny feeling, Lil Wayne will realize skateboarding isn’t going to satisfy whatever he’s looking for.

But if he must, Lil Wayne better make sure he becomes the best skater alive, if not, his career change will be in vain and his fans will forever feel betrayed.

Despite my belief that Weezy’s using “skating” as a scapegoat for putting rap to the back, my gut is telling me that Lil Wayne is really in search of happiness and I truly hope he finds it.

Lil Wayne once said, “I forget a lot of shit, but I cannot forget the streets,” well hopefully he doesn’t forget hip-hop fans either.

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