With a designing philosophy that a vessel must be recognizable, liveable, flexible and modular,

while drawing on his previous designing experience, talented Italian architect Bernardo Zuccon

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presents his latest concept, the motor yacht Discovery. Measuring 54 meters, Discovery is an

impressive displacement motor yacht boasting living solutions that acknowledge the owner’s

position as the fulcrum of the relationship between outdoor and indoor spaces. Described to be

an unusual solution for optimal livability, the motor yacht 54m Discovery project by Bernardo

Zuccon who grew up in yacht-making trade as his father Gianni Zuccon is one of Italy’s most

prominent yacht designers, is part of the Zuccon International Project, which is one of world’s

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most authoritative design studios. And, following a great success of the 40m as well as the 46m

Discovery superyachts, the 54m motor yacht Discovery, further provides confirmation of

research led over the years into the relationship between architecture and boating.

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Bernardo Zuccon presents the Motor Yacht 54m DISCOVERY

Bernardo Zuccon presents the Motor Yacht 54m DISCOVERY


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