1. Lupe Fiasco cried during a MTV RapFix after watching

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an old 2006 “My Block” where a few friends in the episode

were either dead or in jail.

2.Soulja Boy began crying during the 2012 BET

Awards’ Whitney Houston tribute. Soulja Boy said he

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cried because the tribute reminded him of his dead


3. Nicki Minaj is a self-proclaimed “cry baby,” and

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has cried over Lil Wayne going to jail, receiving

awards, and talking about her dark past.

4. Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck was recorded

crying and apologizing to 50 Cent on the infamous

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“Tape Conversations” track.

5. Brooklyn rapper Maino cried while performing “All

The Above” when reminiscing over his friend who was

shot and paralyzed by the police.

6. Kanye West got teary-eyed during an interview

with Jay Leno when he discussed the grief in his

personal life that caused him to interrupt Taylor Swift

on MTV.

7. A frustrated Lil Mama cries during a Breakfast

Club interview when she begins talking about her

mother who died of cancer.

8. DMX has been known to be very emotional.

He’s cried over his addiction and he’s cried over his

mother’s lack of love.

9. Rapper Game cried when he talked about Sean Bell,

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who was shot 50 times by the NYPD.

10. Big Sean cried tears of joy when he arrived for a

meet and greet in Toronto.


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