Rick Ross held nothing back in his interview on Ear Candy Mornings with Renada Romain. With his upcoming album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ due in less than a week, Rozay explains why it’ll be a classic.

Check out the highlights below.

On the concept of ‘GFID’:
“It’s really two sides to every story and I feel like ‘God Forgives,’ that’s the beautiful side that alotta people need to focus on, even myself. And ‘I Don’t’ is like the streets. That’s the way I broke it down. They gon’ hear the energy and see exactly what I’m talkin ’bout ’cause we gotta face both sides in life.”

On working with Dr. Dre and Andre 3000:
“It’s most definitely a classic album. [Andre] was filming a movie in, I wanna say Scotland and we skyped and we did a lotta tracks. But as far as Dre, I got to be in the studio with him and watch him turn those knobs which has been a dream of mine since ‘Straight Out Of Compton’ and I just wanted to ask him. When I’m listening to those ‘Chronic’ skits, that was the end of skits like ‘The Chronic’ or a Snoop album. I feel like every artist, to really get as much out of the game, you have to be a student. You can never get to a point where you can’t learn nothin.”

On signing an artist to MMG:
“I see a star. I see somebody that understands the groundwork that needs to be put in and knows what they’re doing, is passionate about what they doing. When I look at Wale, I look at one of the best lyricists in the game. From him doing poetry to the records he put together, me sitting back and watching him put “Lotus Flower Bomb,” I was like, ‘who gon’ sing the chorus?’ Miguel. This is what makes music special when you can sit back and watch. That record went number one, and ‘Ambition’ just went gold.”

On going platinum:
“Of course, you wanna accomplish everything. [Going platinum] is one of my goals. As a matter of fact, Khaled called me two days ago and told me my ‘Teflon Don’ is just about to turn platinum. It’s something I appreciate but it also goes to show you it’s not based on that. It’s based on the decisions you make, moves you make, work you put in, grind you put in and that speaks volumes to where we at today.”

On Meek Mill’s ‘Amen’ Controversy:
“It wasn’t really nothin for me to get involved. It kinda took care of itself. I’m from Miami, Carol City and Meek, Philly. It’s a lotta other things the little young boy could’ve been doin. He could’ve been in prison, hustlin’ in these streets and for him to be doing something positive and to get backlash from someone who’s supposed to be preaching that same positivity, it was weird to me. ‘Cause where I’m from, we come up to give back to our community.”

On diversifying his business:
“When it come to this business, [Magic Johnson’s] like a mogul, that’s my hero. He inspires me. It’s something I take personally, invested in different things. I invest in myself and the little homies, Shoutout to Wingstop, 20-piece lemon pepper, Ciroc, Reebok, it’s about diversifying what you doing and what you bringing to the table.”

Listen to the full interview below


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