New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Trey Songz – “Simply Amazing”

Trey was simping hard in this video! She’s pretty and all, but come on Trey—what happened to your player card?

2. Fabolous (feat. Paul Cain) – “Death In The Family”

Did Fab really make us sit through a 3 minutes skit before the song drops? He could’ve spread that scene out through the video, especially when you’re only bodying the dude.

3. Jeremih – “Go To The Mo”

This is definitely NSFW. Watch this in the comfort of your own bed—wait, we didn’t mean it like that! Well, then again….

4. Cassidy – “I Get It In”

The camera control is choppy, but Cass gets credit for having kangaroos hopping around in the video.

5. N.O.R.E. (feat. Wale & Sho Ballotti) – “Get Her/Bloody Money”

The second half (“Blood Money”) is definitely more entertaining than the first (“Get Her”). Rare footage of Mariah Carey & a young 50 Cent always wins.


via: vibe