Diddy and Cassie have managed to keep their on-again off-again relationship pretty much on the low throughout all these years.

These two like to keep the masses completely unsure of their relationship, but things might be changing. Diddy sent a photo via Instagram with a silhouette of a girl that strongly resembles Cassie. In the photo we see Diddy and “Cassie” at the beach enjoying a striking sunset.

Alongside that photo, he tweeted, “Just me & my bitch, just me & my bitch, yeah… just me & my BITCH!!,” which certainly suggests that the couple is together.

Through Instagram, Diddy later posted a photo of him, Cassie, and will.i.am all smiling in three very unique ways.

Diddy is ready to claim his boo and discovered a new openness with their relationship to the public. Who knows, maybe soon Cassie will be his “Official Girl.”