Cash Money Content/Atria books has announced the release of their new thriller book called, Murderville: The Epidemic.

The book is written by a 26-year-old Flint, Michigan-raised couple that goes by Ashley & JaQuavis, who are on the heels of writing several, previous New York Times best selling books.

Ashley & JaQuavis, the real-life Mr. and Mrs. JaQuavis Coleman, are the youngest African American co-authors to make two appearances on the New York Times bestseller list.

In addition, the couple co-authored more than 17 bestselling novels, and have ghostwritten 15 books for other well-known authors to date – more than any other literary duo their age.

“Ashley & JaQuavis’ books connect with the hip-hop generation and speak to the streets in the same way that hip-hop music does,” said Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams co-founder of Cash Money Records and Cash Money Content. “With two New York Times bestselling books under their belt, we saw this signing as an opportunity to take urban fiction to the next level in the same way we took hip hop music to the next level. The Epidemic is Ashley & JaQuavis’ second book with Cash Money Content and we’re looking forward to a future of nothing but hits.”

Ashley & JaQuavis’ New York Times bestselling series, The Cartel, was the first trilogy from the talented team, and The Cartel 2 debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list at #29 (November 2009), while The Cartel 3 made its debut at #27 in August 2010.

Cash Money has optioned the film rights to The Cartel trilogy and has already set into motion their plans for bringing the series to life on the screen.

Murderville: The Epidemic is the second release from the Murderville trilogy, and is the second release from their deal with Cash Money Content.

The two also have budding solo careers, as Ashley’s solo projects include The Prada Plan 1, 2.and 3, Guilty Gucci and Moth to a Flame. JaQuavis’ solo projects include The Dopeman’s Wife, The Dopefiend, The Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch and The Day the Streets Stood Still. In addition the couple has stayed busy shooting their first feature film, Hard 6ix, which stars Ashley and is directed by JaQuavis.

The couple will hit the road in support of the book starting in July at New York City’s Harlem Book Fair, and will make their way through six cities including Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Dallas Fort-Worth.

Catch Ashley & JaQuavis on the Cash Money Young Author’s Tour:
July 21 – NYC -Harlem Book Fair
July 24 – Baltimore – TLJ Bookstore – 7pm – 9pm
Aug 4- Atlanta – Medu Books Greenbriar Mall – 3pm – 5pm
Aug 5 – St. Louis – Missouri Black Expo 1:30 pm
Aug 11 – Maryland – Cartel Bookstore – Booksigning 3pm – 6pm
Aug 25 – Dallas – Tulisoma Black Book Fair – 1pm -3pm Aug 25 – Fort Worth – Dockshop Book signing – Forth Worth 5pm -7pm