After various rumors and reports circling the blogs last year, it’s clear Soulja Boy wants to remake the 1992 cult-classic film, Juice. According to XXL, he’s currently shopping around for production partners and may have struck gold with fellow rapper, 50 Cent.

The “Crank That” creator has expressed interest in getting involved with 50 Cent’s Cheetah Films for the remake. In 2010, Fif’ received a $200 Million funding deal for film company.

“With the ‘Juice’ movie… 50 Cent, that’s my big bro,” he said. “He got a movie deal that gave him millions to come up with content. Me and him are going over the Juice movie now. That’s still coming.”

However, Soulja Boy plans to take his time, and further revealed to magazine he’s not looking to rush the process in any way.

I know that’s a big thing, I know,” he said. “You can’t just jump right into a movie like that and rush it. It’s a delicate thing, I know. But I got y’all.”

While Juice continues to remain under wraps, according to a separate interview earlier this week with the magazine, Soulja Boy recently wrapped up the work on his first film, Officer Down with James Wood. The film is scheduled for a 2012 release yet an exact date remains unknown.