For the last month, a Philly-based reverend named Jomo K. Johnson has been on a quest to get people to boycott Meek Mill’s latest hit record, the Drake-assisted “Amen.” Not only has the Reverend been in the streets trying to get people to stop supporting the record, but he has even recorded a rap diss song towards Meek and his song.

Things finally came to a head yesterday, when Jomo appeared on QDeezy’s afternoon drive show in Philly. Meek himself called into the show and things got very interesting.


Neither man was scared to hold their tongue, as they argued for nearly 15 minutes about how harmful Meek’s lyrics are.

The Reverend claimed that Meek’s music and his lyrics are negative and that they promote blasphemy, violence and rape.

“My plea to you is to turn from sin, turn from blasphemy, turn from unrighteousness, that you’re purporting in your music—turn to Jesus Christ and receive eternal life,” he said.

Meek’s counter was that this was a publicity stunt for the Reverend to get famous, and if he really had a problem with his music, he would have hit him directly.

“This looking like you trying to get famous, or you need some attention, because you could have came to me and said anything you wanted to say. I might’ve helped you. If you needed money for your church or whatever I might’ve woulda gave you that money. I might’ve even remixed the song with Kirk Franklin or anything you wanted to do.”

Neither man was willing to give ground.

There were a couple of times when things seemed to get extra heated. This included an exchange about the Reverend’s own criminal record (before he found Christ, Johnson did a four-year bid), about the charitable things Meek does in the community that the Reverend failed to mention, and Meek’s use of rape in his music.

Meek took extreme offense to the rape charge, claiming he never did such thing.

The Reverend couldn’t remember the song or the line, but he claims Meek talked about raping a women on a track from his last project. (The track he might have been talking about is N.O.R.E.’s 2011 song “Scared Money,” where Meek raps “If I ever go broke, Ima take your money. Have my n*ggas snatch your bitch and rape your money.” That song was not on any Meek Mill project.)

Whatever side you take, it’s an interesting debate that should be heard if you’re a rap fan, or a fan of the Man Upstairs.