Rihanna always looks amazing, even in the pictures that don’t make the final cut.

For the August 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Rihanna made her way to the cover of the magazine with a really sexy spread on the inside. But with any spread, there are always pictures that don’t make it into the magazine. These outtakes are sometimes the ones where the celebrity was caught off guard, or just not exactly what the photographer was looking for. But with Rihanna, it just may be impossible for her to look bad.


The outtakes from the Camilla Akrans-photographed spread have Rihanna in a three sexy outfits that have just the right amount of edge. One look has RiRi in a gold sequined dress with thigh-high snakeskin boots, another has her in a layered look with a white dress over a much more form-fitting gold dress.

Take a look at the outtake pictures from Rihanna’s August 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar in the gallery  enjoy!