Sitting down with French media outlet Canal Street, Wiz took a break from promoting his upcoming sophomore album O.N.I.F.C to talk about the concept of the new record

“I’m digging deeper into my roots and where I really come from in terms of Pittsburgh and musical inspiration. I keep it raw instead of trying to make the craziest, biggest songs. It’s really just good songs put into a conceptual order that really means something and describes a mindframe to get across a complete thought,” Wiz says of upcoming album.

Wiz is determined to make this project a fan favorite and has called on guest features from the likes of Cam’ron, Pharrell, Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Curren$y, and of course his Taylor Gang crew.

“You gotta try different things, and with business, the only way to learn is to try and fail sometimes….and you gotta know what works and what doesn’t work.,” explains Wiz.

O.N.I.F.C. drops August 28th via Atlantic and Rostrum Records.