Yelawolf and Machine Gun Kelly are at it again.

Last Friday (June 30), Wolf dissed MGK on Shade 45’s “All Out” radio show. MGK didn’t take it lightly and retaliated on the red carpet for the BET Awards.

“I love him man. You gotta respect your elders, and he’s an old man so I gotta give it up. I respect all grandpas around the world doin’ it big so I gotta give it up. Salute,” joked the 22-year-old MGK to MTV News about Yelawolf, who is10 years his senior.

At the 2011 BET Awards during the Shady Records cypher, Kells was insulted by Yela’s verses,which the Alabama rapper insisted were not targeted at MGK. It didn’t stop the Shady spitter from issuing a challenge, saying, “Machine Gun Kelly, if you want it, come get it. Drop your verse, do whatever you want to do. If you want to take it there, we can take it there. And that goes for anybody else too.”

Though the “Wild Boy” rapper denied having beef, the feelings weren’t mutual for Yela who was asked how he felt about the comparisons in a November radio interview, “It’s probably the most insulting thing on the planet, to be asked to sign a Machine Gun Kelly autograph,” claimed Yelawolf before mimicking him, “I’m like ‘yea motherf—-r. Let me sign your Birkenstock motherf—-r.”

Can’t we all just get along?