The results are in, Mr. Ross: You are not the father!


This was probably the phone call Rick Ross received a couple of days ago when he found he did not, in fact, impregnate a Florida women three years ago.

Last year, 36-year-old Tyrisha Childers filed a paternity lawsuit claiming that a couple of years ago, the husky MC had sex with her and knocked her up. The woman claims that Ross has never even attempted to pay child support.

The Bawse himself said this wasn’t true. The rapper claims that not only did she not give birth to his baby, but he never even slept with the women.

Both parties called Maury in — OK, not really — submitted a drug test and it turns out Ross was right. He has no new babies to worry about.

Damn, Tyrisha, making false claims against Ross is so unsophisticated.