‘I don’t really be having those controversies like that, man. It’s just that the more hotter you get, they start talkin


More money, more problems; that’s the only conclusion that Meek Mill can come to when pondering why he has been the subject of so many rumors lately.

After news broke of the June 14 New York City brawl between Drake’s and Chris Brown’s entourages, Meek’s name swirled in reports. From the start, the Maybach Music MC insisted that he had nothing to do with the incident that left a number of people injured. When he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday (June 27), Meek continued to steer clear of the controversy.

“I don’t really be having those controversies like that, man. It’s just that the more hotter you get, they start talkin’,” Mill said.

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Meek seemed to be taken aback by the amount of negative press he’s been receiving. In the weeks leading up to the infamous melee, many blog sites reported that Chris Brown, Drake and the Philadelphia MC were sending subliminal tweets to one another in a beef over Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna. When all three ended up in the same club on June 14, a brawl definitely broke out, but the cause still remains unknown. It is widely speculated that the fight began over Rihanna, whom Drake and Meek had both been romantically linked to. The brawl has made headlines all over the world and the “I’ma Boss” spitter has noticed his name being dropped in media outlets that normally wouldn’t cover him.

“People fight in the club every week, I just be there. The name’s gettin’ a little bigger, I guess they startin’ to mention me now,” he said, distancing himself from any of the drama. “I’ve never been mentioned on none of those blogs or none of those shows or whatever, but things must be goin’ well over there.”

As far as his rumored Twitter beef with Brown, Meek warns fans not to believe everything they read. “Twitter don’t count in real life, I tweet anything,” he said. “I try not disrespect nobody on Twitter, no artists or anybody, period.”

In an interview with XXL, Meek said that he didn’t see Chris or Drake throw a bottle, but he did tell “RapFix Live” that he reached out to both of the stars following the fracas. “I hollered at Chris Brown immediately, I talked to Drake immediately,” he said. “I don’t be on no negative vibes, man. … We blessed, we get money, we rich and leave it at that.”