Lil Scrappy sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss

Love & Hip-Hop: ATL and the extremely controversial way the show started

out. Vh1 does not disappoint – the drama will continue tonight!

Included in the sneak peek previews are scenes concerning hot topic

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Joceline Hernandez, as she finds out she’s pregnant and informs Stevie J,

Stevie J and Lil Scrappy get into a drunken brawl, and so much more.

Lil Scrappy explains to The Breakfast Club that he does not think Jocelyn is all


“I don’t know, I ain’t never met that IT before in my life- that chick,

whatever it is. But here goes my story, I was in the gym one day, this was

after the altercation. I’m walking by… No actually I’m working out-

pumping, and IT walked by. I didn’t know what IT was but at an angle, it

was Rick Flare!”

Lil Scrappy continues:

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“Cuz is over there lifting weights… I’m talking about… not no female weights!”

In this candid interview, the popular Atlanta-based rapper dishes on all the details,

from ex-girlfriend Diamond embarrassing him and Momma Dee wanting revenge,

to implying that he bought Diamond’s booty.

He also goes on to say that before his fight scene with Stevie J on tonight’s episode,

he was “turning up” and getting drunk and that Stevie did not touch him, let alone

make his mouth bleed.

Watch the entire interview below. The next episode of L&HH airs tonight on VH1.

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