While his original Human Being album was hurried because of his ‘eight-month vacation’ in prison, this time he ‘didn’t rush the music.’

Lil Wayne made history when he released his I Am Not a Human Being LP. The Young Money cash king debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, making him the first artist since Tupac Shakur to notch a top spot while incarcerated. When Weezy drops I Am Not a Human Being II, he won’t be locked down on Rikers Island, but he still has his eyes on that #1 spot.

I Am Not A Human Being II, that’s what I’m workin’ on right now, actually I’m finished. The difference between [this] album and the last I Am Not a Human Being would be the music wasn’t rushed,” Wayne told MTV News on June 16 in Atlanta after he finished performing at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash. “Last time the music was rushed because I had to take that eight-month vacation on that island so we had rushed the music, but this time we didn’t rush the music.”

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The first Human Being LP was released while Wayne was locked away on Rikers Island in New York on a gun charge and yielded the single “Right Above It” with Drake. Tunechi shot a number of music videos in support of the album prior to being locked up, but he wasn’t able to fully support it.

Since being released, Weezy has continued to conquer the charts. His 2011 album Tha Carter IV sold nearly a million copies in its debut week and produced a number of hit singles. Now, rather than return to his Carter series, Wayne decided to tackle a Human Being sequel. The album’s first single, “My Homies Still,” features Big Sean.

There’s no release date for Weezy’s LP, but when it does come, Wayne promises good music. “I paid attention to everything I did,” he said. “You’re getting the quality of all my albums: Tha Carter IV, Tha Carter III, the same with this I Am Not A Human Being II. Hope you like it.”

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