28-year-old Charles Marshall has been arrested for the FOURTH TIME in the past two years for masturbating in public with the assistance of a teddy bear!


The Cincinnati man was arrested Wednesday evening after employees at a health clinic caught sight of him pleasuring himself in an alley. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

Municipal Court records show that Marshall has already been convicted three times of engaging in public indecency/disorderly conduct with a teddy bear, according to The Smoking Gun. These previous misdemeanor counts resulted in short jail sentences and small fines for Marshall.

Marshall was first busted in February 2010 when witnesses spotted him at a public library masturbating in a men’s bathroom. This prompted the judge to urge Marshall to stay away from all Hamilton County libraries.

He was again arrested in November 2010 and August 2011 for “masturbating with a teddy bear” and “masturbating using a teddy bear in a public place where minors were likely to be present.”

Dude, come on, four times?!? This man was caught mid-PDA with Teddy Ruxpin four times. How does that even happen?