The proof is in the pudding!

Recently, Kim Kardashian‘s “look-a-like” and pornstar Amia Miley, has been everywhere, including Kanye West‘s twitter page, allegedly. But, there’s still question as to whethere the nude photo of the woman having breakfast in the in her birthday suit is actually Kim Kardashian or not.

TMZ caught up with the porn tar while walking the streets of L.A. where she willingly revealed evidence that the photo is indeed of her.

She showed the camera four studded body piercings – two on her arms and two on her lower back.

If you look closely at the orginal photo, you can see the two piercing marks on her back without the studs and her right arm with the stud.

If reality star Kim Kardashian has four studs we should know of, we have more investigating to do!