While Chris Brown and Drake were causing uproar at NYC nightclub WIP, Rihanna was photographed having dinner at Da Silvanos restuarant with her bestie, also in NYC.

During her dinner, the “Birthday Cake” singer, which features ex-boyfriend Chris on the remix, must’ve got some Bajan intuition about what was going to happen between Chris Brown and Drake, as she tweeted:

Could the 24-year-old be referring to Chris Brown’s fight, before it happened?

Rihanna was rumored to be at the club although there are no pics of her there, but she was spotted heading back to her hotel room after she had dinner and was extremely quiet all night. Since all of her men were in town, we don’t blame her.

All signs are pointing towards Rihanna being the reason for the altercation in the club last night, as bottles were being thrown and vulgar words were exchanged.

Rihanna said it best, be careful what you say! It can be used against you and may result in punches being thrown!