This is all bad – ALL bad!

A decade ago, Nas was banned from performing at Hot 97’s 2002 Summer Jam because he wanted to lynch a Jay-Zeffigy during his performance.

Nas’ “hanging of Jay-Z” idea came in the midst of their highly publicized beef. Wanting to take his beef with Jay-Z to the next level, Nas hired a company to create an animatronic figure that closely resembles Hova.

The creator of the Jay-Z effigy broke down Nas’ plot to hang Jay on Summer Jam, and also showed how they would make the animatronic figure appear to be so life-like.

Watching this video is completely eerie. We’re so glad Hot 97 put their foot down and NEVER let this happen.

Take a look at how the “hanging of Jay-Z” was going to take place in the video below.