In an outtake of Ice T’s rap documentary Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap, Kanye West speaks on not writing down his rhymes and why My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was such an important album to him.

Like a growing number of rappers in the game, Kanye doesn’t typically write down his rhymes.

Using solely his brain power, Yeezy remembers his witty punch lines and vivid stories all by memory. But there was something different about his thought process while creating My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that prompted Yeezy to write down his lyrics:

“I didn’t write my raps down for the first 4 albums. I did it from the head straight to the booth. On this last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy I wrote it. I really but myself in the zone because I felt like my life was dependent on the success of this album. With that being the case I said ‘you know what? no matter what anybody says about me. I can write something that can make someone that hates me the most have to really respect and love the song.'”

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was undoubtedly the best album of 2010, and it was all because Yeezy’s “life” was hanging in the balance.

If writing down rhymes makes Kanye create beautiful masterpieces like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, then Yeezy needs to write down all his rhymes!

Watch Kanye explain his best album in the video below.