Hot 97’s annual hip-hop concert Summer Jam was supposed to end like a hip-hop fairytale.

Instead, Summer Jam ended with a new hip-hop beef: YMCMB vs. Hot 97.

Hot 97’s DJ Peter Rosenberg dissed Nicki Minaj earlier in the day during the Summer Jam Pre-Show, and all hell broke loose.

Nicki got wind of Peter Rosenberg’s disrespectful comments, and called the Young Money Commander Lil Wayne for advice.

Lil Wayne doesn’t take disrespect very well, so he told Nicki to chuck the deuces at Hot 97 and skip out on her headlining performance.

There was only one problem. Young Money artist Tyga was already on stage while Lil Wayne was calling the shots.

After performing his set, Tyga hung out backstage for a few more hours, before leaving early.

MTV ran into Tyga backstage and he had very little to say about Lil Wayne pulling Nicki Minaj off the concert bill.

“Man, I ain’t got no comment on it … but you know, the boss calls the shots, so…”

The madness didn’t end with Peter Rosenberg, Funkmaster Flex added the nail to the coffin when he went on a rant declaring that he was “dedicated” to “tearing” Nicki Minaj down.

Nicki Minaj is scheduled to battle it out with Funkmaster Flex tonight on his nightly show.

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