Made for the Britain’s racing driver, Sir Stirling Craufurd Moss, who is often called ‘the greatest driver never to win the World Championship’, the apple-green 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, one of only 39 ever produced, is now the most expensive car in the world. Though, we have earlier seen the list of the most expensive Ferraris, with the 1963 GTO 250 sold for $32 million in Britain in year 2011 listed at the top as the most expensive one, but this rare piece of artistically crafted machinery by the automotive marvel has broke all of the previous auction records by being sold for staggering $35 million in a private transaction.

Vintage 1962 Ferrari GTO sells at $35 Million

One of only 39 produced from year 1962 to 1964, this distinctive apple-green colored Ferrari was listed among May’s high-end sales at, a website exclusive for classic car dealers. And, two specialist traders reportedly confirmed this transaction.

This most expensive car was sold by Eric Heerema, a Dutch-born businessman and owner of the Nyetimber vineyard located in Sussex, United Kingdom, to U.S.-based broadcasting magnate Craig McCaw, best known as ‘The Wireless wizard of Oz’ and the co-founder of McCaw Cellular which was later acquired by giant AT&T in year 1993 for whopping $11.5 billion.

This rare 250 GTO Ferrari had earlier been acquired by Eric Heerema about a decade ago for about $8.5 million from Yoshiho Matsuda, a Japanese collector who was also the previous owner of Evan’s Ferrari.

Regarded as most desirable of all classic Ferraris by collectors, the 250 GTO was created for Sterling Moss back in year 1962 to compete at the Le Mans 24-Hour and other Grand-Touring car races. But, in a terrible crash in year 1962 at the Goodwood in a Lotus in the Glover Trophy put an end to his racing career, as Moss got badly injured which left him in coma for a month and paralyzed the left side for about six months. Later, his fellow Britain’s racing driver Innes Ireland raced this car at the Le Mans 1962, where it eventually retired and entered the pricey world of private car collectors.

Vintage 1962 Ferrari GTO sells at $35 Million

Vintage 1962 Ferrari GTO sells at $35 Million

Though, this car never competed any race after the Le Mans 1962, but after 50 years, it has now emerged as the winner of the world race of price, and stands strong as the most expensive one.

Interestingly, vintage Ferrari cars have always been the preferred investment car for vintage car enthusiasts. Over the years, we have seen the most expensive classic cars sold at auctions, which have ferraris at the helm, with a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sold for $16.39 million to the 1957 Ferrari 625 TRC Spider, which was recently sold at RM Auctions 2012 sale for $6.5 million.

Via: Jalopnik