Tree houses are often the stuff of childhood dreams. You might remember those years gone by, when after months of pestering, your dad would finally deign to build you a tree house of your own. It may have taken several weeks for that little treetop clubhouse to reach completion, but you will remember thinking, “It was well worth the wait.”

Luckily enough, you no longer need to pester your father to build you a tree house. Several companies around the world now specialize in the construction of tree houses. Also, tree houses are no longer the domain of children. Nowadays, the humble tree house is displaying its adult avatar as well. Why are grown-ups flocking to tree houses nowadays? Perhaps it is another way of reconnecting with nature. Living amid the trees is a wholly calming experience, to the extent that some treetop abodes are built expressly for the purpose of meditation. If living in a tree house interests you, you will enjoy reading about the most expensive tree houses in the business. Have a look! Click through the pages!