Who doesn’t love “Ni**as In Paris?” From the menacing beat, to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s freshly dope eloquent lyrics, it gets the people going!

And Hov and ‘Ye have given the people what they want on several occasions, performing the Watch The Throne smash hit a record number of times during their Watch The Throne tour run.

And the two jet setting rappers are ready to excite fans once more, and perform “Ni**as in Paris” at where else, but Paris.

But Jay isn’t just trying to get the people going anymore. He wants to make them go gorilla. How can such a thing be achieved?

In a recent MTV interview he said:

“That may be the only song we do for the night…”Paris” that’s the set list!”

We all know “Ni**as In Paris” is provocative and all, and what better place than the capital of France to do that one song, and one song only?

But a few other Watch The Throne tracks like “Otis” and their latest single “No Church In The Wild” wouldn’t hurt either.

Check out the video of Jay’s interview below.