Don’t bother asking Chris Brown to borrow a cup of sugar because according to neighbors in his West Hollywood condo building, Breezy is a very lousy neighbor!

After moving out of the residence about a year ago as a result of his neighbors’ complaints, Chris is finally putting the three bedroom, four bathroom condo up for sale with a $1.9 million dollar price tag on it.

According to The Huffington Post, Brown continued his bad boy image at home by disturbing his neighbors with his constant partying, his extremely noisy dogs, insistence on parking his multiple cars in handicapped spots, and his overall bad attitude.

Neighbors’ woes concerning Chris Brown’s behavior in the building were so extreme that the complaints even made it to the Superior Court judge. This is NOT something you want to happen, especially if you are still on probation, Breezy!

Luckily for Chris, he got out just in time to avoid some very serious drama!

Take a look at the inside of Breezy’s former home in the accompanying gallery.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post