Say what you want to about Wiz Khalifa, but you can never question that man’s grind. Over the last couple of years he’s put out a gang of material so that – as he perfectly states it – he can live “better than them n*ggas that I used to look up to.”

His newest video, “The Grinder,” is one big salute to not only his grind but to all of those out there who work hard at their regular 9 to 5 jobs.

In the video we see images of dishwashers, short-order cooks and strippers, along with Wiz flossing with a Rolls Royce and some fancy clothes.

Mix those visuals with the scenes of Juicy J doing some kind of funny, trippy dance in the background, and you got all the ingredients for a dope video.

“The Grinder” was one of the standout tracks off of Wiz’ last mixtape Taylor Allderdice, which dropped back in March.

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