Your eyes aren’t fooling you; the Arrinera supercar looks a hell of a lot like a Lamborghini. But despite the similarities, the Arrinera also sports some unique styling cues that’s all its own, including a dramatic body language that came from the creative mind of Pavlo Burkatskyy. The full use of creases and sharp angles affirms the supercar’s aggressive and futuristic stance while the scissor doors reinforce the Lamborghini-like inspiration behind the design. Even the rear end, despite its high-flowing styling cues, points to a little touch-up from the Aventador. The striped LED tail lamp-set up, the large diffuser, and the centrally mounted exhausts are sharp as tacks and certainly draws a great deal of attention.

The Arrinerar will ride on a tubular steel chassis and will come with a carbon Kevlar body with plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum accents. It will glide along the streets with large diameter light alloy wheels wrapped around ultra low profile tires, 255/30 R19 at the front and 335/30 R20 at the rear. Stopping power will come from Ceramic brake discs.

arrinera sc 17 Arrinera Supercar 2012 (New Lamborghini)

arrinera sc 13 Arrinera Supercar 2012 (New Lamborghini)


The car body styling is characterized by sharp and dynamic lines, which clearly indicate the massive potential of the supercar. The front of the car is close to the ground which vastly improves its aerodynamic properties. Two air intakes allow cooling air to be directed onto the hot brakes. When looking at the car from the side, one cannot help the impression that the car is surprisingly asymmetrical: the passenger cabin is moved forwards and the door line rises distinctively – these features are something that we do not see very often in everyday traffic. At the back of the car, unique muffler housings with diffusers resemble the exhaust nozzles of a jet airplane. The Arrinera supercar will be equipped with a 650HP engine. The car body will be unique and its aerodynamics and lightweight construction will make it possible to maximize the output of the engine. The stylist responsible for Arrinera’s lines is Pavlo Burkatskyy.

Chassis and body

The chassis designed by Lee Noble will be made from high-strength steel of variable section and considerable torsional strength. It will be extraordinarily light and characterized by high deformation resistance. The expertise of the British designer (over 30 years in the industry) ensures suitable protection for the cars in this category. Optionally, the body, interior and floor can be made of Carbon/Kevlar fiber composite materials.

arrinera venocara su 9 800x0w Arrinera Supercar 2012 (New Lamborghini)



Individual elements will be made of high quality leather and composite materials. The car is equipped with an audio system, power windows and mirrors as well as air conditioning. For safety reasons – in case of a rollover – reinforced roll bars have been positioned behind the seats and both seats are equipped with inertia reel seat belts.


An 8-cylinder 6.2-litre engine with a maximum power of 650HP and 820 Nm torque.


19-inch wheels create additional space for an expanded braking system. Light-alloy wheels with 255/35 R19 tyres (front) and 335/30 R19 (rear).


Front wheels are equipped with 6-piston callipers and 380 mm brake discs. Rear wheels with 4-piston callipers and 350 mm brake discs.


Independent, multi-link, designed and optimised by Lee Noble.

Thermal vision camera

The car can be fitted with a thermal vision camera option, which monitors the area in front of the car at the distance of a few hundred metres. If the camera detects an object with a temperature exceeding the ambient temperature (presumably an animal or a human), the driver can see a bright and clear image of this object on a display located in the central console within normal sight line. This may significantly improve the safety level at night and when driving in fog as compared to xenon headlights.