“I don’t make hot music. I make great music. If I make hot music, then I been on fire for a long (freakin’) time. The flame is burning out, sweetheart. I’m not hot. I’m great.” -Lil Wayne 

Lil Wayne once said he’s not hot – he’s great. But after hearing his “diss” track to Pusha T, I’m really starting to believe Lil Wayne may be on the fast track to “has-beenville.”

Last week, I told Lil Wayne that Pusha T shot his dog and it was his turn to kill Pusha’s cat, but Lil Wayne didn’t even load up the gun to kill Pusha’s anything!

I am a fan of Lil Wayne, but I’m also one of those friends who will tell you when you’re wrong or you did something stupid or when you look fat and you’re looking for someone to actually tell you the truth.

Yeah, one of those friends – a real Rita or honest Helen of some sort.

So I’m going to flat out say it, Lil Wayne’s “Goulish” diss was absolutely dreadful, pointless, and damn right disheartening (for hip-hop beef).

Let’s be real, Diggy Simmons came harder at J.Cole and he’s a 17-year-old preacher’s kid for heavensake!

Lil Wayne’s hottest line on the whole track was what he tweeted the day before, “Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love’em!”

That’s it? That’s the hottest line you could come up with, Mr. Weezy F. Baby?!

I’ve given the customer service representative at Cablevision a more brutal tongue lashing than that! And she only refused to discount my shitty cable, not talk about the demise of my career or how I’m a fake blood.

Lines like “his head up his ass/I’ma have to headbutt him,” make me cringe with bad visions of Lil Wayne’s head actually in Pusha T’s ass!

Not cute!

If I had to give “Goulish” an official rating, it would be two thumbs down and an eye roll!

In August, Weezy told Jay-Z he would kidnap Beyonce – BEYONCE!

That’s the sh*t that makes hip-hop an exciting sport to watch, not “f*ck so-and-so”- that’s so basic.

I don’t know if Wayne even cares about hip-hop anymore or if he even wants to be apart of the game, but one thing I do know is Lil Wayne is on planet LOST.

He sure isn’t on planet earth with that weak ass diss record.

But Weezy warned us, he did say he was a “Martian,” or whatever that means.

Jay-Z’s “Take Over” or Nas’ “Ether” tracks didn’t go down in the history books for lackluster schoolyard jabs.

Jay-Z refered to Nas as “esco-trash” on “Takeover” and told the world he left condoms on Nas’ baby’s seat on “Super Ugly.”

Nas returned the favor by calling Jay-z “Gay-Z,” referred to Rocafella as “Cockafella,” and reminded Jay-Z that he was an ugly kid!

And all Wayne could come up with was a recycled Clipse line from “What Happened To That Boy?”

If Wayne keeps it up, we’ll ALL be asking, “What happened to that boy?” when he’s chilling on “I-used-to-be-a-great-rapper” island.

Weezy needs to phone home and have a talk with his alien friends about returning to the game for real, or hang up the mic for good.

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source: globalgrind