Kanye West has changed the cover art and name of his lead single “Way Too Cold” (aka “Theraflu”) once again.

The original design, which featured a bare-breasted woman’s torso and a bottle of Theraflu, was edited once the cough syrup company protested against West’s use of their product. Kanye eventually removed the bottle, leaving a stark white void in its place.

However, with his latest edit, Kanye’s decided to forgo the original artwork entirely and draft up a whole new name for the track.

The cover art, illustrated by George Condo, still features a bare-breasted woman, but this time, includes a caricatured, yet still discernable, head and face. And the name of the track has also changed to “Cold.”

Hopefully the third time’s the charm when it comes to Kanye.

No clue as to why West decided to change up the artwork once again, but one thing’s for sure: the creators of Theraflu must be thoroughly satisfied.

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