Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne banger “No Church In The Wild” is premiering today!

According to director Romain Gavras, Jay and Ye’s “No Church In The Wild” will hit the ‘net in the next few hours.

The video was shot in Prague a few weeks ago, and is supposed to be an “end of the world” meets apocalyptic video.

Earlier this year, we got ahold of behind the scenes photos of the “No Church In The Wild” video set. And although Jay and Ye weren’t present in any of them, GlobalGrind can already tell The Throne is planning to start a war for their new vid.

The director of “No Church In The Wild,” Romain Gavras, is responsible for M.I.A.’s dope “Bad Girls” video, as well as her controversial “Born Free” clip.

Stay tuned for Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church In The Wild” video premiere later on today!


source: globalgrind