According to PRLog, former B2K member Raz B (DeMario Thornton) plans to expose Chris Brown, Ray J and Bow Wow in a tell-all book titled This Boy’s Life. The memoir, which is set to be released this fall, discusses the alleged molestation he suffered by Chris Stokes and the undercover gay relationships other young R&B stars were involved in.

After admitting his own stories of homosexual behaviors back in 2007, he continued to consistently speak out about his abuse, even graphically describing his experiences during the Eddie Long debacle in 2011. Thornton’s claims have made him an outcast in the industry and have landed him in various legal troubles and Twitter beefs with former friends.

Could Raz B just be gunning for more attention? The 26-year-old singer is currently working on his comeback to the biz, so he might just believe it’s the perfect time to ruffle feathers.

What do you think? Do you believe there’s any truth in Raz B’s allegations?