By now, you all have probably heard Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston’s iSouljaBoyTellem song “Yamaha Mama.”

However, before those two touched the Polow da Don beat, our guys Drake and Chris Brown had the song. And, after all of these years, someone finally decided to hand it over to the Internet.

Even though we’re used to hearing Soulja Boy rock over this beat, we got to say, Drake sounds right at home here, as he spits his usual syrupy, romantic lyrics over those sparkling keys:

“Listen, girl: you so bad. And you single, what’s this I hear? We ain’t met yet, my name Drake, and I’m gonna take the world over, this my year. This I swear. I had my share of women I’m young can you blame me?”

“Take over the world, this my year?” Drake was quite the prophet back in 2008, don’t you think?

Listen to the track and tell us what you think.