Has a new war begun?


G.O.O.D. music rapper Pusha T released a dope new track entitled “Exodus 23:1” and he’s clearly coming at Lil Wayne, Drake and the whole YMCMB team.

Pusha raps:

“Beef is best served like steak, well done get a gun to your face, bitch n*gga/Beef will have you praying to God, move your kids have you hiding your mom/Beef is when you hide behind them other n*ggas, but they ain’t killas/They ain’t pulling them triggas, f*ck n*gga.”

Pusha T and Drake have a history of exchanging words via wax, and Pusha T may be responding to Drake’s slight jab on Meek Mill’s “Amen” track.

On “Amen” Drake raps:

“G.O.O.D ain’t good enough, and your hood ain’t hood enough.”

Pusha throws jabs at Drake spitting:

“Contract all f*cked up, I guess that means you’re all f*cked up/You signed to one n*gga, that signed to another n*gga, that signed to three n*ggas, now that’s bad luck.”

Pusha also comes at the Young Money general Lil Wayne, rapping:

“Jeremy Scott’s all camouflage, you can’t hide it from yourself career sabotage/I was really in that Travelodge, you just lying through your catalogues/Where the blood and the battle scars, we the ones the judge juggling them gavel’s on.”

After hearing Pusha T’s track, Lil Wayne hopped on Twitter to let it be known that he’s not f*cking with Pusha T or anybody that’s cool with him.

This could potentially mean an all-out war between the YMCMB and G.O.O.D. music is about to explode.

It’s about to be a cruel summer!

Take a listen or download  Pusha’s diss below and let us know what you think!