Kanye West has done it again!

What’s a Kanye West tour without a great rant from Yeezy himself?

During the final Watch The Throne show at London’s O2 Arena, Kanye had a few issues he wanted to get off his chest!

“And they said ‘this is the best rap show ever!’ I said ‘the best rap show!?’ With all these awards shows that we don’t go to no more. All this shit. They always try to classify you and put you in a motherf*cking box. Never let nobody box you in and tell you what you can do or what you can’t do! Or who the f*ck you are!”

After deep thoughts by Yeezy concluded, Kanye’s latest smash “Mercy” dropped in perfectly and the crowd went wild.

Kanye ended his verse early on “Mercy” with a little slow motion and some food for thought regarding his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

“Don’t do no press/ but I get the most press, kid/ plus, yo my bitch make yo bitch look like Precious.”

And that is when Kanye drops the mic!