In the latest portion of Rita Ora’s VEVO lift campaign, Jay-Z shares his thoughts on Roc Nation’s new princess.

“When she enters the room it changes. And that presence…you can’t duplicate that, especially at such a young age,” said Jay. “It was just infectious to me like ‘man, she loves this.’ She’s driven in that way.”

The Roc Nation leader also reflected on the first time he saw the songstress perform. “The first time I truly saw her on stage was at the Cartier event in New York City,” he said. “To have that sort of stage presence and that sort of energy– the music went off and she still was like–she still wanted to go. She jumped off the stage at one point and was dancing with the crowd. It was a great moment.”

“She has that bit of punk rock feeling to her which I love,” said Hov reflecting on her style.

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