While on a promotional run in New York, T.I. stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

The King of the South chatted about his family, his album with B.O.B., retirement and evolving in the rap game.

“Retiring, that’s final,” said T.I.P. “I’d take some time off and focus on something else for a minute.”

He addressed his struggle right now to evolve as an artist yet still give fans the T.I. music that they remember. “I can do that. It comes real easy to me. That’s what I started off doing. But see me as an artist, I make attempts to evolve and grow into something that surpasses what I’ve already done. But it seems like everybody’s just ‘I want him to do this.'”

With diverse musical interests, he mentioned that he just focuses on what moves him at the moment. “I can satisfy all of these genres. I just can’t drop one record that everybody digs the same way at the same time.”

Aside from music, he revealed that he will be continuing his acting career and already has some movies in the works.

Check out the full interview below.