The 2012 almanac said it was going to be a hot summer, but according to Mr. West, it’s going to be a Cruel Summer.

The G.O.O.D music compilation album is rumored to be titled Cruel Summer, and the making of the album is said to be the inspiration behind the film.

Cruel Summer the movie will premiere at Cannes Film Festival in France and should be a direct reflection of Kanye’s creative thoughts while making the album.

Earlier this year, Kanye and Kid Cudi were spotted shooting a film in the Middle East in the small country of Qatar. The set was exclusive and all crew members were mandated to sign non-disclosure forms before arriving onto set.

Cruel Summer the movie will be premiere on May 23 in Cannes, France and will be presented at various show times on May 24-25.

Kanye always delivers on his grandiose concepts, and Cruel Summer seems like it may be a beautiful, dark, twisted film and any rapper’s fantasy for an album.

Are you ready for a cruel summer?

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