Now that Lil Boosie’s intense murder trial has come to an end, his daughter is ready for him to come home and get back in the booth!

10-year-old Iviona Hatch felt the emotional stress of her father’s trial, noting that she even lost her appetite. “I ain’t had no appetite Friday, none Saturday, really. The first thing when he comes home…get that money,” she said in a video interview.

While the rapper was found not guilty for the murder of Terry Boyd, he still remains in prison where he must serve the rest of his eight-year drug sentence.

Already following in her father’s path, Iviona is anxious to collaborate with Boosie. “You think my songs go hard?” she asked. “You put both of us together, it’s gonna be real hard. Super hard. Better than they’ve ever been.”

The miniature star also spoke on having her own shows. “They gonna see me rock the mic. They gonna see what I’m really here for. They’re gonna see a mini version of Boosie.”

Watch the full interview below