Bobby Brown continues to break his silence on Whitney Houston‘s passing, as he recently sat down for a touching interview with Ellen Degeneres.


On the show, he revealed that he had dinner with the “I Will Always Love You” singer a week before she died and he told the talk show host there was no signs of anything amiss. He said Whitney was happy about everything.

Read some excerpts below:


Bobby on performing the night he found out Whitney died:

Ellen: “You performed the night you got the call. I think a lot of people looked at that saying, how could he gone on stage after getting a call that Whitney died?”

Bobby: “I was in Mississippi performing and I got the call. Of course, I tried to get a flight. Tried to rent a jet. Whatever I had to do but it was impossible. So I knew the best thing that she would want me to do was perform. You know, we are performers. That’s what we did. That’s what we do and she would want the best for me.”

Booby on what he will miss most about Whitney:

Ellen: “What is it that you’ll miss the most about her?”

Bobby: “Her voice. I mean we get to hear it everyday but just to see her sing was amazing. Where she came from with it, was amazing. That’s what I’m going to miss.”

Ellen: “I got to host a couple of award shows. Grammys and couple of other things where she was performing and just the rehearsal alone.”

Bobby: “It will blow you away, right? She worked hard, played hard, lived hard, loved hard.”

Ellen: “She was a force.”

It’s lovely for Bobby to remember Whitney in such a positive way and thoughtful of him to share his very personal memories for all her fans to remember. Rest in Peace Whitney.

SOURCE: globalgrind