It’s always said the diamonds are a women’s best friends. With the advent of a metro-sexual male and the fact that men are now equally concerned about their style and look, it is a saying that’s about to change. Emeralds, rubies and other precious gems enthralled our kings and emperors. But the 21st century man also needs some precious stones to enhance the way he looks and at the same time keeping intact his macho image.

Keeping in mind the needs and wants of the 21st century man Jacob and Co. have designed just the right accessory that is not only bestowed with jewels but also exudes luxury and style. Their latest canary diamond cufflinks have now outperformed any women’s jeweled accessory. Already slated as the world’s most expensive cufflinks, it is now being sported by everyone from David Beckham to Kayne West. If you intend to add these rather royal cufflinks to your wardrobe then read on and buy one today!

The Most Expensive Diamond Jacob and Co. Cufflinks

Jacob and Co. have made quite a name for themselves in the world of high end fashion. Celebrities bank on them and their clientele boasts of names like Tom Cruise and of course David Beckham, the epitome of a metrosexual male, is a regular at Jacob and Co. He also adorned the Epic II timepieces by the company. Also the most sought after by elite women, Jacob and Co. made headlines when they designed a headpiece embedded with more than 60 Carat of precious stones for the ‘Caged Bird’ singer Alicia Key’s wedding. They also created an engagement ring with a squre cut diamond and a host of smaller diamonds around the band. The rings that cost around $530,000 bore a striking resemblance to the ring presented by Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie.

Coming back to where we started it is the canary diamond cufflinks that have taken Jacob and Co. to greater heights. The jewel brand was always known for creating elegant style that are opulent and can bedazzle anyone with the amount of precious stones that are used. It is the elegance and the sophistication in these jewels and timepieces that tends to attract the high and mighty in the world of fashion, style, showbiz or sports.

18 K white gold has gone into crafting these extravagant cufflinks. What makes them the most expensive and precious cufflinks are the rock sized canary diamonds that are at the top of these cufflinks and come with a purity of 20.03. if this was not enough then there are a range of smaller white diamonds that only add to the glitter. The purity of these small white diamonds is around 10.76. The cufflinks also have a diamond whale flip back closure. Going by the number of precious tones that have been used to craft this rare and exquisite piece of accessory, it is usual to expect a price that is not only mindboggling but will send you in a tizzy. Well, the world’s most expensive cufflinks by Jacob and Co. will cost you, hold your breath, a whopping $4.2 million.


Via Jacobandco