Yesterday Kanye West teased fans when he insinuated 2 Chainz was signing to G.O.O.D music with a tweet. Now the former Playas Circle member has hit us with a response.

After Ye’ tweeted: “2 Chainz is charging 100k for a verse now cause he’s G.O.O.D!!!!!!” two Chains appeared on Bootleg Kev’s radio show.


When asked if the affiliation between the two is official, Two Chainz would neither confirm nor deny the matter.

He says:

“He just saying like I’m good, like I’m ill,”

What a slick guy! He goes on to say:

“I think I was jeopardizing my brand sometimes by doing the homeboy special, I just felt like we should put that out there that we ain’t doing no more of that.”


When asked for a final yes or no, Chainz decides to keep us on our toes saying:

“I’m still into the element of surprise so you just gotta [stay tuned].”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what this man does next! We got out eyes on you!

Would signing to G.O.O.D Music be a good look for 2 Chainz?

Check out the audio from the interview below.

SOURCE: globalgrind