Harry Winston presents a limited collection of five timepieces which honoured the Chinese city.


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Harry Winston introduces a collection of Limited Edition timepieces to commemorate the opening of the new Shanghai pavilion. The collection, consisting of five limited editions – two for men, three for women – pays tribute to the city epitomizing Chinese culture.


Harry Winston Midnight Limited Edition Shanghai: Architectural Echoes

Like a bridge stretching from East to West, the iconic Harry Winston arches inspired by the neoclassical vault dominating the façade of its New York salon, along with Shanghai’s characteristic shikumen-style buildings, rub elegant shoulders on the ladies Midnight Limited Edition models. Nestled at the heart of the cases distinguished by the famous “triple arch” décor, the dials bear architectural motifs reminiscent of the traditional dwellings in the Chinese megacity.  Shikumens are houses with stone gateways leading through to small inner courtyards. They form entire districts of narrow alleyways in which life flows by serenely, as if beyond the reach of time. Built in the era of English, American, French or Japanese concessions, they combine various styles in an inimitably harmonious manner. Today, Shanghai continues to preserve its isolated groups of shikumen-style houses that have escaped demolition, deliberately renovating them to compose cultural sites radiating an immeasurable charm to which Harry Winston has now succumbed…



HW Midnight Shikumen Onyx and Jade Limited Edition Shanghai © Harry Winston







The Midnight Limited Edition Shanghai ladies timepieces display the hours and minutes on dials adorned with “shikumen” motifs subtly punctuated with diamond-studded arches. The rose gold model measuring 32-mm in diameter incorporates them into an arabesque pattern adorning a sunburst satin-brushed champagne-pink dial. This exquisitely romantic creation lit up by 84 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.17 cts) is fitted with a white satin strap. In the 39-mm diameter white gold version, the geometrical décor made of onyx appears on a jade dial. Its daring green color, a symbol of harmony, prosperity and health in China, lends the timepiece a particularly original androgynous character. This model enhanced by 104 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.31 cts) is teamed with a semi-matt black alligator leather strap.



HW Midnight Shikumen Limited Edition Shanghai © Harry Winston



Red For Happiness

A symbol of joy and good luck in Chinese culture, red is strongly present in traditional events and ceremonies. People dress in red for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, or place their new year’s wishes into a red envelope until they are fulfilled. The Midnight Tourbillon Limited Edition Shanghai men’s models feature red accents elegantly enlivening the black dials with their refined finishes.


HW Midnight Tourbillon GMT Limited Edition Shanghai © Harry Winston


On the Midnight Tourbillon GMT, the figure 8, considered a lucky number in China, appears on the second time-zone subdial with its day/night indication. On the corresponding city selector, Shanghai naturally appears in red letters. Subtle reminders on the main chapter ring and the tourbillon set the finishing touch to the harmonious appeal of the dial with its contrasting snailed surfaces.

The red figure 8 also appears on the excentered chapter ring of the Midnight Tourbillon. On this model, rounded outlines shine discreetly against an opaline dial, like an infinite extension of the chances of good luck. Crimson touches also brighten the hour-markers and the tourbillon screws, as well as the central aperture reserved for the power-reserve display.


HW Midnight Tourbillon Limited Edition Shanghai © Harry Winston


Driven by an automatic movement with a 110-hour power reserve, these Midnight Tourbillon Limited Edition Shanghai timepieces come with generously sized 45-mm diameter white gold cases and black alligator leather straps.


Harry Winston Premier Feathers Limited Edition Shanghai: A tribute to Craftsmanship

The Premier Feathers Limited Edition Shanghai timepiece also celebrates the Chinese culture and tradition with a stunning red dial and opens the doors to a universe where beauty is expressed in its purest form.



The Premier Feathers Limited Edition Shanghai © Harry Winston


Revisiting the aesthetic codes of the Premier Collection has given rise to the sophisticated curves of the 18K rose gold case, which sensually dresses the wrist, while the three iconic arches are reminiscent of the neoclassical vault dominating the façade of the Harry Winston salon in New York.


The dial of this Limited Edition timepiece is adorned with a sophisticated marquetry of red feathers designed in the great tradition of feather art, which was often worn in the headwear of royalty. Harry Winston entrusted this delicate task to Nelly Saunier, one of the few craftsperson who still practices this intricate art.  The feathers, sourced with a respect for the environment, are obtained from species raised specifically for this purpose, and each is selected with great care. Only the most beautiful are chosen.  In some cases, they are cut to size or shape and positioned on the surface of the dial, under a loupe, to ensure the most accurate placement.  Each dial takes approximately seven hours of work to make, a task requiring great skill and dexterity.


Like watchmaking, this technique is a time-sensitive craft.  It also takes true virtuosity to bring out the shimmer of the feathers – a living, fragile precious material – while creating subtle reflection.  Like the 16th-century feather mosaics so prized in Europe, each dial is unique.  Lit up by 67 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.4 cts), this exquisitely romantic and elegant creation is produced as a limited edition of 8 pieces, a lucky number in China, and is fitted with a dark red satin strap.


With Premier Feathers Limited Edition Shanghai, Harry Winston has worked all of its magic:  a precious aesthetic, a tribute to Chinese tradition, a love for craftsmanship and a desire to perpetuate an unrivaled skill that beautifies women like no other.