It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from rapper Lil’ Flip. He’s back on the scene, and getting that corporate money!

The rapper, who’s best known for his 2004 summer hit “Sunshine”—and no, that’s not Aaliyah on the chorus—has joined forces with United Vision Marketing Firm to record a corporate hip-hop verse for their mixtape project called The Owners Box. Once involved in a highly publicized “King Of The South” beef with fellow southern rap king T.I., he has been working toward refurbishing his rep. He now goes by the name  “TFlip Gates,he Hip-Hop Billionaire.

According to United Vision’s press release, after reading about UVMF’s offer to give one million shares of their Pre IPO stock to a top hip-hop artist to rap about corporate moves with a certain street swag, Flip and his people moved diligently on the opportunity, which fits his vision and business model. They plan on dropping The Owners Box later this summer.

We ain’t mad at Flip at all for this business venture. Get that money man!