Amber Rose is back at it again!

The blonde bombshell recently sat down with The Life Files TV and she dished on her career as video model, where she is taking her music career and what we’ve all been waiting for… what she thinks about Kanye West giving props to her man Wiz Khalifa in his song “Way Too Cold.”


On Ye’s line “Only n-gga I got respect for is Wiz” Amber says:

I don’t know Kanye as a person anymore. I don’t know him anymore it has been almost 2 years so at first I didn’t understand, I was like what is he trying to say, but I took it as a positive end and I feel like its cool, he respects wiz as he should and I respect his decisions and I think people should realize that Kanye is just my ex boyfriend. We weren’t married, we don’t have kids and we both moved on with our lives. It seems like we are both really happy.


On having a career as a video model she says:

“Its obviously not a dead end because I am still around. I’ll admit I am one of the lucky ones my life is one in a billion, I know. But I will say when I was in the videos I wasn’t doing any ratchetness. I wasn’t shaking my ass in the videos. I was classy and very professional. All of the rappers respect me to this day because I respect myself.”

Amber is right! They both do seem very happy and have moved on. Her and Wiz are on the brink of having a wedding and Kanye has found new love with reality TV’s biggest star, Kim Kardashian.

Maybe they can all leave the past in the past and be friends. Check out Amber dish it all in the video BELOW!