“It’s hard because I wanna leave and you wanna leave, but the love keeps us together.”

Trey Songz found the best possible way to tug at your heartstrings with his latest video “Heart Attack;” a near death experience. Trey and his leading lady Kelly Rowland reel viewers in with the story of a good relationship gone bad. They display the ups and downs and the fight to hold on to their love which reaches the ultimate test.

There’s no doubt that these two have a great chemistry on and off screen. Trey recently spoke about working with Kelly while he was in South Africa and had nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

There definitely is chemistry; she’s been doing it for a very long time. Constant professional and has a spirit that can brighten up any room. So we’ve actually developed a bond and we’re thinking about doing records together. I like Kelly a lot. I love Kelly Rowland!