Brandy is back!

Readying for the release of her upcoming studio album Brandy has been making her promo rounds and now she’s covering the latest issue of Upscale magazine.

Upscale isn’t the only mag getting some Brandy. The Cinderella star also recently came to the defense of her little bro in Ebony’s May issue.

On the media scrutinizing Ray-J, she says:

I know who he is. And I’m pissed off about some of the things I’ve been hearing. It really bothers me that [those are] the kind of things that people do for money. He’s misunderstood. This is a man who loves his mama and his sister and his niece.

The songstress’ has been on quite a journey. It should be interesting to hear her new sound.

The upcoming album ‘Two Eleven’ is scheduled to drop some time in June.

Check out Brandy’s Upscale cover below.