A$AP Rocky is getting out of the business of name-dropping.


The prettiest motherf*cker in Harlem isn’t going to be name-dropping the most glam labels or expensive designers anymore – Rocky is officially quitting the name-drop game.

MTV was on the set of Rocky’s “Goldie” video, where he dished about refraining from name-dropping. Rocky also addressed the controversy surrounding champagne company Cristal’s relationship with hip-hop.

“I’m putting too many people on in the game doing that.”


When asked about “Goldie” being originally titled “Crissy,” A$AP Rocky revealed his motives behind a Cristal-inspired song.

“It’s called “Crissy’ and it’s basically a mockery towards it. It’s to get them upset. If you listen to the lyrics, ‘Cristal by the cases/ Wait, hold up that was racist/ I would prefer the Aces/ Ain’t no different when you taste it.’ We don’t even f*cking care about champagne, we drink 40s. So that’s all it is. It’s a just a reference to that.”

Should rappers stop name-dropping designer labels and lavish brands in their music?

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